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Ok, I am going to be that guy. Why? What force on Earth compelled you to make this and send it here? The only stars I'm giving you, and...


Admirable Animation: Pull Up A Barrel by Marioking9834
Admirable Animation: Pull Up A Barrel
Reviews, reviews...

OH YEAH! I remember doing them!

I gotta be honest, there was really no excuse for me not doing them besides "I was bored and doing other things that interested me." Thankfully I'm not being paid for this, at least not yet. I'm thinking of opening one of the Patreons accounts and get a little extra dough to tide me over till a real-life job.

But now, I think I got a surge of reasons to get back on these trains of reviews. Hopefully I can fall into a one per day catalog, but I doubt it given myself.

But for now, enjoy a episode about Mr. Krabs in his Old Navy days.
Alright guys, I have something a bit interesting here. I have went around the world of DA and found as many deviations saying that they like bad...anything, really. (Mainly Spongebob to start out, if other people would like to join in with other entries, let me know, I'm game for it!) Why am I doing this? Well, do you ask yourself "WHY is this popular" or "HOW can anyone like this"? Well, I hope I can spread a light on that with this project, as it could help answer some questions. Because remember, SOMEONE in the world loves it even if it's bad to everyone else! The only rule is that it must be around 50/50 hated (Scott Teronman Must Die) or more hated (Little Yellow Book), If your deviation is here and you don't like that, just tell me and I will remove it. Alright...


Category A: Spongebob

1) Little Yellow Book
1001 Animations: Little Yellow Book+Defense by Marioking9834
Admirable Animation: Little Yellow Book REVISIT! by Marioking9834

2) One Coarse Meal
*Watches One Coarse Meal*...*looks around*

3) Slide Whistle Stooges
1001 Animations/Nickelodeon AM: Slide Whistle Stg. by Marioking9834

4) Patty Caper
1001 Animations/Nickelodeon AM: Patty Caper by Marioking9834

5) Atlantis Squarepantis
Atlantis Squarepantis Review by predator56

6) Whobob Whatpants/Whatever Happened To Spongebob?
Spongebob Review: What Ever Happened To Spongebob? by MikeTheKoopaWarrior
SpongeFan257's Notebook - WhoBob WhatPants by spongefan257

7) Truth Or Square
Truth or Square review thingySo Mr Enter/PieGuy's review of Truth Or Sqaure will be up soon. I guess now is a good time to discuss it. I'm not so much reviewing it so much as explaining why I like it.
Yes, I like it. If you can't stand the idea of someone liking something you hate, leave now. For everyone else, let's move on. Now, it's no surpise that I have a connection to SpongeBob. I grew up with it, and it was kind of my childhood, I suppose. That connection is part why I stick with the show, that and episodes like Plankton's Pet.
You may know that Nick hyped up this special, as they tend to with these things. It was the 10th Anniversary and so they did tons of stuff for it, like a 48 hour marathon with another fave episode vote (the number 1 didn't piss people off this time). All this hype kind of got to my, going back to my connection to it.
So that feeling may have effect my opinion of the special at the time. I liked it at the time but after all the bile that I found regarding the special, I decided to r

8) Spongehenge
1001 Animations: SpongeHenge by Ragameechu

9) Karen 2.0
1001 Animations: Karen 2.0 by Spongey444
Karen 2.0 (SpongeBob 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91

10) The Great Snail Race
1001 Animations: The Great Snail Race by Spongey444

11) Party Pooper Pants
Spongebob Review: Party Pooper Pants by Spongey444

12) Spongebob's Last Stand
SpongeBob's Last Stand (SpongeBob 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91

13) Driven To Tears
Driven to Tears (SpongeBob 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91

14) Patrick Man
Patrick Man ( SpongeBob 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91

15) Plankton's Good Eye
Plankton's Good Eye (SpongeBob 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91

16) Don't Look Now
Don't Look Now (SpongeBob 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91

17) Rule Of Dumb
Rule of Dumb (SpongeBob 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91

18) Frozen Face-Off
Frozen Face Off (SpongeBob 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91
Spongebob Review: Frozen face Off by Spongey444

19) The Other Patty
The Other Patty (SpongeBob 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91

20) The Sponge Who Could Fly
Spongebob Review: Sponge Who Could Fly by Spongey444

21) Best Day Ever
Admirable Animation- It's The Best Day Ever by DankeToYou
SpongeFan257's Notebook - Best Day Ever by spongefan257

22) House Fancy
Spongebob Review: House Fancy by Spongey444

23) Penny Foolish
Spongebob Review: Penny Foolish by Spongey444

24) Clash of Tritan
Spongebob Review: Clash of Triton by Spongey444

25) Growth Spurt
Spongebob Review: Growth Spout by Spongey444

26) Super Aquatic Villain Team Is Go!
Villain Team Up (SpongeBob 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91

27) Patty Caper
Patty Caper (SpongeBob 1001 Animations ) by SilverEagle91
1001 Animations/Nickelodeon AM: Patty Caper by Marioking9834

28) Pre-Hibernation Week
<da:thumb id="533929756"/>

Category B: Ren And Stimpy (All Incarnation)

1) Ren Seeks Help (At The Very Least, its horror aspect)
Ren Seeks Help Report Card by Torchu325
Ren Seeks Help Admirable AND Atrocity Review by Marioking9834

Category C: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

1) Spike At Your Service
Spike At Your Service (MLP 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91

2) Ponyville Confidential
Ponyville Confidential (MLP 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91
1001 Animations: Ponyville Confidential by Spongey444

3) Hearts And Hooves Day
Hearts and Hooves Day (MLP 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91

4) Over A Barrel
1001 Animations: Over a Barrel by Spongey444

5) MMMystery on the Friendship Express
Mystery Express (My Little Pony 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91

6) Equestria Games
Equestria Games (My Little Pony 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91
1001 Animations: Equestria Games by Spongey444

7) The Crystal Empite
1001 Animations: The Crystal Empire by Spongey444
The Crystal Empire- My Little Pony 1001 Animations by SilverEagle91

8) Just For Sidekicks
Admirable Animation: Just for Sidekicks by KDNor

9) Owl's Well That Ends Well
MLP Review: Owls Well that Ends Well by Spongey444

10) The Last Round-Up
1001 Animations: The Last Roundup by Spongey444

11) Keep Calm And Flutter On
Flutter On (My Little Pony 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91
Keep Calm And Flutter On (MLP JOGA) by SilverEagle91

12) Bats
Bats (My Little Pony 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91

Category D: South Park

1) Scott Tenorman Must Die
1001 Animations: Scott Tenorman Must Die by MrEnter

2) Raisins
<da:thumb id="533075923"/>

3) I Should Have Never Gone Zip-lining
<da:thumb id="527694267"/>

Category E: Family Guy

1) Thanksgiving
Admirable #26 - Thanksgiving by Frofrokacho

2) Road To The North Pole
Admirable #46 - Road to the North Pole by Frofrokacho

3) Road To The Pilot
Back to the Pilot (Family Guy 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91
1001 Animations: Back to the Pilot by Spongey444
Admirable Animation #1: Back to the Pilot by CaliGamer25850

Category F: Fairy Odd Parents

1) Cosmonopoly
Admirable Animations: Cosmonopoly by Marioking9834

2) Bad Heir Day
1001 Animations: Bad Heir Day by PayNoPat

Category G: Duds

1) Town And Out
1001 Animations: Town and Out by Spongey444

2) Frost And Fire
1001 Animations: Frost and Fire by Spongey444

3) Do Me A Solid

Journal Of Good Animation - Do Me A Solid by DodsleyCritic

4) Secret Cupet
Secret Cupet (Littlest Pet Shop 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91

5) Storm Stormin'
Snow Stormin (Littlest Pet Shop 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91

6) Winter Wonder Wha?
Winter Wonder Wha ? (LPS 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91

Category H: Phineas and Ferb

1) Ferb TV
1001 Animations: Ferb TV by Spongey444

2) Tri-State Treasure: Boot Of Secrets
1001 Animations:Tri-State Treasure: Boot of Secret by Spongey444

3) Phineas and Ferb Get Busted
1001 Animations: Phineas and Ferb Get Busted by Spongey444
They're Busted (Phineas And Ferb 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91

Category I: The Amazing World Of Gumball

1) The Job
1001 Animations: The Job by PayNoPat

Category J: Teen Titan's Go!

1) Dreams
Dreams Square System Review by diamondrain676

2) Vegetables
Vegetables 1001 Animations Card by ianolivia

Category K: Live Action
1) #YayDay
Terrific TV/Live Action Nick AM: #YayDay by Spongey444

Category L: Wander Over Yonder

1) The Lonely Planet
The Lonely Planet (WOY 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91

2) The Helper
The Helper (Wander Over Yonder 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91

3) The Box
The Box (Wander Over Yonder 1001 Animations) by SilverEagle91

Category M: Breadwinners

1) Brocrastination
BroCrastination Review Card by ianolivia

Category N: Movies

1) Epic
1001 Animations: Epic by Spongey444

2) Horton Hears A Who
1001 Animations: Horton Hears A Who by PayNoPat

Category O: So Bad It's Good

1) To Love A Patty
Spongebob Review: To Love a Patty by Spongey444

2) Freddie as F.R.O.7
1001 Animations: Freddie as FR07 by Spongey444

And that's all I have right now! If you want to contribute, feel free to tell me your entry and I will get to it asap! I am not a mind reader and I have a life outside of DA, so I can't seek it 24/7. Remember, you can always tell me to remove it and I will, even if you change your mind about wanting it up here.
Admirable Animation Blank: By A Former Reviewer by Marioking9834
Admirable Animation Blank: By A Former Reviewer
A extended page for more room to write about what you want to say.

The explanation page I use:… Of course, given the type of thing being reviewed, this can be a bit stretched at times to fit the scores you think it deserves.
ADAM: Retarded 64: Freddy's Spagettiria by Marioking9834
ADAM: Retarded 64: Freddy's Spagettiria
Template By: :iconapplepiemuncher: He has since deleted it from DA from my according. If anyone wants me to re-upload it and I get his permission, I will and credit him for it.

Anyway, Super Mario Glitchy 4 is a odd specimen. Most of the time, he is LAWLSURANDUMB humor, but he is also prone to releasing some enticing stuff, whenever it be a seriously sad story like Tale Of A Bom-omb (…), dramatic but still humorous like Can The Villager Come Out To Play (…), and a mixture of dark humor with actual horror, like here (…). I say he's worth at least checking out for a couple videos.

And yes, I plan on making one of these for the sequel.
*Sees list for Top 10 Most Hated Anime*

Oh, nifty. I wonder what is going to be on it.

*Sees Watamote at #10*

Uh, ok...I didn't even see it yet, but what I saw on Tumblr it's not bad...

Moving on...

Oh, look! Most hilarious anime ever! I wonder if the Nerima Daikon Brothers made i-

*Sees Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan at number 6*

*Blocks user*

My mind when:

Seriously, I had multiple legitimate dreams/nightmares about that purple (blue? bah, it doesn't matter!) haired angel bitch! Can you just STOP! HAUNTING! MY! MIND!?!

Extra Credit did something with them talking about the difference between sadism and anger, and it sounds pretty on point with my thoughts on Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan. Just replace Hatred with said anime and video game terms with anime terms.

I think I cracked the code on why I can do other things like Adult Party Cartoon but wouldn't touch BAD-C (Even the SHOW'S ABBREVIATED TITLE is telling us to GTFO!) with a 39.5 foot pole.

Adult Party Cartoon, for what is worth, IS actually trying to tell a story around the violence and cruelty it has, and they KNOW that it's actions the main character commits are fucked up. They use it to at least tell a story. It's a very terrible story, but still, it's something.

BAD-C on the other hand is, when you get down to it, sadistic behavior. Dokuro, is sadistic (and from I read, also dumb. Watching glue dry on wood as a sport, fucking really? And God trusted her to do something, ladies and gents). She says she cares for Sakura when in reality, at every possible turn, she murder shim and revives him just to repeat the process. She ENJOYS the fact that she causes pain, and the universe shrugs it off. APC at least AGREES that Ren is fucked up, and does try to give him karma (see my Ren Seeks Help review for that), and even REN has a sweet moment when he is convinced into letting Stimpy have the baby in "Stimpy's Pregnant". Sadistic thing give pleasure BY being sadistic. Things that USE anger as a way of story progression usually have a plan to try and pleasure us by NOT being sadistic. Dokuro, like I said, IS sadistic, even going as far to possibly screwing the future just to keep killing someone over and over as she is the only link to Sakura's loli tendeciest (:iconiyamtebist: goes over this series in so much better detail here, as well as why EVERYONE [sans Sakura, most of the time], are sadists,:

  Why I Hate Dokuro Chan So MuchI have already expressed an extreme amount of hatred and anger towards this specific series. To be honest though, I do not quite feel as though I have said enough. In fact, I don't think I could ever really say enough to describe just how much every fiber of my being detests this thing. I do understand that just coming up with some decently clever ways to emphasize how much I hate this thing really does not say much, especially seeing as how anyone could say that and that sometimes, people just try to make themselves mad on purpose simply to rip into something else. With other bad anime, I would need to at least think about some of the specific events and would need to remind myself of the state of mind I was in while watching it in order to get angry enough to go on a long winded rant about it, but with this series, I only need to think about so much as the intro until I just get filled with absolute disgust and rage.
This is partially because of just how uncomfortable the intro itsel


If you remember what I said about Junko in my Top 5 Best and Worst Dangan Ronpa characters, I put down Junko as my most hated character ever, even worse than Dokuro. But now, hearing and seeing everything wrong in this anime, I am now re-lit with new disgust and hatred for the faux angel. At least Junko has the excuse that she's the villain. Dokuro, is supposed to be the HERO. Yeah, wrap your minds around that!

Enough ranting: Overall, I'm not going to try and tackle BAD-C as it is below my level of shit I accept. However, I have one thing to say to Dokuro is by some unholy reason she's real:…
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2girls1cupSurvivor by MyMetaverse

YEAP! I MADE THE CHOICE AND WATCHED IT! That shall keep the porn urges away...

Record Stamp by Kezzi-Rose

Also watched meatspin. (Closest stamp I could find) Survived for 17 spins. XD




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